File management in image viewer

I've been using FastPictureViewer (FPV) for a long time now, because it got a very useful and fast workflow.

Now that i've updated to Opus v12, and seeing that the DO image viewer even has some color management, i'm asking myself if it could replace FPV for me.

Problem is that FPV has been dead for a long time, it doesn't support some newer image formats, and it doesn't work with some JPGs lately.

I wanted to ask here if it's possible to realize the following workflow with DO image viewer and how much would need to be scripted (the latter is not my forte):

  1. open folder with images and open one of the images in the viewer

  2. look at all the images in detail and when you like an image, click either the middle mouse button to move or ALT + middle mouse to copy the image to another folder

  3. a file dialog opens on the first image to set the directory, but on the subsequent images the same directory is used to allow for very fast progress until all the images are through.

As a photographer in real-life and notorious screenshotter in videogames, i've never come across a faster workflow to sort images while looking at them full screen.

Any thoughts? Maybe it's already possible with v12?

You could try the image marking functionality that's built into the viewer.

Interesting. I tried it out, and can imagine that it could work in a similar way. Unfortunately, the marked images on the side can only be copied, not moved. Are there any other options to deal with the marked images without leaving the viewer?

The idea is once you've finished marking them you can go back to a Lister where all the marked images will be in a file collection, and you can do whatever you want with them from there.

Yes, i saw that in the help manual, and it's good to have that option. I'm just trying to streamline the whole process and use as few mouse clicks as possible.

For example i have often the situation with a folder full of thousands of images and those need to go into 20 different folders. What is especially useful with FPV is that i can change the target folder on the fly, as i go, and never have to leave the image viewer.

I'm probably expecting too much of DO, but then again it is a file manager, right? :slight_smile:

I think that the first two points of my OP could be easily done with custom commands, but point three (the target directory) is a big question mark...

I will try working "the Opus way" with the virtual file collection, so i could at least give it a chance - maybe it will turn out as practical as the FPV workflow.

Opus is a file manager, but the viewer is a... viewer. Use the file manager part to manage files :slight_smile:

The image viewer seems to sort the images by filename, even though Opus is set to "sort by date". How can i set the image viewer to sort by date as well?

Sort order should be the same as in the lister if the viewer was launched by double-clicking a file in the lister (and the Preferences option to use the viewer on double-clicks is on).

If the viewer is launched from outside of Opus (or via Open With or similar methods that cause Windows to launch the viewer rather than Opus launching it directly) then it won't know anything about the lister and will generate and sort the file list itself.

Oh, i've been using the "open with" dialog. Now it's working like you said. Thanks!

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