File "Move" from NOKIA mobile phones not working


just tried to use DO 9.5.1 for a file MOVE from my Nokia N95 mobile phone to my harddisc but after the "copy" DO reports the error "File not found".

A manual copy + delete works.

A screen shot is enclosed.

Is this a known bug or should I make a bug report.


Does using drag & drop or cut & paste work?

fuzi, I can confirm your problem.

However, I'm not sure if this comes from DOpus or from the Nokia drivers.

I also noticed that shortcuts Ctrl X, etc. may not always work.

What you described seems to be working slightly better in the Explorer, but after a few tries, it crashed my Explorer!

There are 2 workarounds:

  1. Use a memory card instead (if it's a N95 instead of a N95 8GB) and connect it as a mass storage. The phone memory is very limited, so why fill it with files?

  2. Use the "Nokia Phone Browser" namespace, which is just under "Nokia N95" we can see in your screen capture. In my experience, it works better.

I believe I got the same problem with my Canon Powershot a720 digcam. I'm almost shure that's because cam driver is first copying files to some tmp folder (or tmp place in memory), after than data is being copied to your local drive. So dopus tries to delete files from tmp, where they just flew away by the driver.

As far as I remember, my Sony Ericsson K770i behaves the same.

DO can't handle devices like PDA's or cameras, which have NO driveletter. You need to use contextmenu or shortcuts for copy, paste, cut & delete. Buttons from toolbar don't work.