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File permissions when copying to NAS


When copying files from OPUS to my synology NAS the file permissions are changed and missing "everyone" making them invisible to other PCs on the network.

I'm sure I hit a setting somewhere and just can't find it.

The folder in the NAS I'm copying to is shared folder for all other PCs on the network. When copied with Opus they are only visible to the machine that copied them and not to the other PCS. ]

Looking at the file permissions for any file copied, they show SYSTEM, (USER) and ADMINISTRATORS are present on the PC doing the copying, but on the NAS the permissions change to SYSTEM and a (long number) and are missing "everyone".

When using windows explorer, the permissions are correct and EVERYONE is present in permissions and the file is visible to other PCs on the network


If Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes / Copy security permissions is on, try turning it off.

(Update permissions/encryption to match the destination when moving files in the same place could also play a part, but probably not in this situation.)


That did the trick, thank you Leo :slight_smile: