"File Selection / Highlighting style" behavior

Just wanted to note some behavior centered around File Selection and highlighting in OPUS that's I've noticed.

Generally, I much prefer the "Full row" highlighting style, except that in that mode, You can't right click ANYWHERE on the line of a file and get the context menu of the folder, you'll always get the context menu of the file.

Changing to "Highlight filename only", and then checking the HIGHLIGHT ENTIRE ROW works much better, except for another, albeit minor, issue. In this config, right clicking on the FILENAME gets you the file context menu and right clicking anywhere else on the row gets you the folder context menu, which I think is reasonable, and DOUBLE CLICKING on the filename acts as you would expect (execute/open the file), but double clicking anywhere else on the line does nothing.

Since the whole line is highlighted in this mode, I'd think it'd be reasonable to act the same as double clicking on the filename itself (ie open or exec the file on the row that was dbl clicked.)

And finally, in this mode, if you single click anywhere on a row OTHER than the file name, again, nothing happens. I'd think that should select the row, just as if you'd single clicked on the filename itself, which does work as expected.

What's interesting is that with one or more rows selected, single clicked anywhere except the filename DOES UNSELECT everything, so opus definitely recognizes the click, I'm just thinking the behavior isn't quite right in that case.

All minor issues in fantastically useful app, granted. Just wanted to throw this out there....

Hi, i am new at Opus, fantastic software, but didn't found answer for this. Did you found how to do this?

EDIT: After writing this-, I found solution: https://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/1434/7017952602.png

and checkbox: Always highlight full row

Thank you,

Fantastic, I'd never found this setting in all the time I've been using Dopus.

I ended up selecting the HIGHLIGHT FULL WIDTH OF FILENAME COLUMN, it seems to be better for what I typically do. I often need the right click items of the folder, and if you select the FULL ROW option, the context menu items will always be for the FILE, neve the folder.

with FULL WIDTH OF FILENAME selected, if you right click anywhere in the FILENAME column, you get file context menus, but anywhere else on the row gives you FOLDER context.


FWIW, with full-row selection (not just highlighting), if the file display has no empty space on the right or below the files, you can still right-click the status bar to get to the folder background context menu.

You can also add extra line spacing (not padding) to add gaps between each line of files, if that helps (although you may also find that annoying; something you'd need to try out to see if it fits with how you use things).

Nice, I didn't think to try that. Will give it a whirl!