File timestamp script requested

I save a lot of game ads from the web that I then go back to at a later date to crop out what part of the ad I want to keep. However, the new file has the current date and not the original date. I have been manually changing the date. What I would like is a script that can read the timestamp of the original file and store it in a variable, then a second script that can write the old timestamp to the new file.

Is this possible?

Should be possible, yes.

If you need detailed help, please link your account.


Thank you!


Here you go, I wrote a script for you: Command: ClipAttr (copy/paste timestamps between files).

WOW - Thank you very much!

Ah, scripts are a Dopus 11 only feature, correct? I am still on Dopus 10.

Yes, sorry, I didn't realise you were on Opus 10. Scripting was added in Opus 11 (Opus 10 only had rename scripts).

Well, it gave me another reason to upgrade, so I did. Script works perfectly, thanks again.