File Type Group context menu with folders?

Hello, sorry for the title. i would like to have a context menu entry for all video files (mkv, mp4 etc.) but also for folders. The problem is when i select both folders and files at the same time and right click then the context menu entry does not show up, only if i select files or folders separately.

i added the context menu under "File Type Groups" and also to "All folders" but how can i combine it?

Try "All files and folders"

Yes that works but I only want the context menu entry to show up for video types and folders.

You would need to create a File Type Group that contains all desired extensions and the item type "folders".

I don't think that's currently possible, because only extensions can be added to new File Type Groups.

Maybe in a future version?

You might be able to do it by adding an item to All files and folders and using @hidenosel or similar to hide it if the desired things aren't selected.

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