File Type Groups cannot hide Info Tips

The Help reads:

Never show an InfoTip for this File Type: If this option is on, the info tip field will be disabled and Opus will be prevented from ever showing an info tip for this type of file (hovering over the file will do nothing).

Given this, I was hoping to create a File Type Group that I could add extensions to (e.g. .foobar), then check the Never show an InfoTip for this File Type option and have them excluded from displaying Info Tips.

What appears to be happening instead is that the extensions are falling back to use the All files File Type and displaying that Info Tip, rather than none at all.

The Help also reads:

When Opus looks for an info tip to display for a file, it checks file types in the following order:

  1. The specific file type for that file (e.g. for a .jpg file this might be the JPEG Image file type)
  2. The file type group that contains that file extension (e.g. Images)
  3. The Recognized images file type if the file is a recognized image file
  4. The All files file type (or for a folder, All folders)
  5. The All files and folders file type.

The first, most specific, info tip found is the one used. So if you want to assign an info tip to all members of a group you can edit the file type group definition, and then override it on a per file-type basis if needed.

If I add .foobar to the System File Types, then edit the extension directly, the Never show... option works: the System File Type doesn't fall back to a different Info Tip, so none are displayed.

If I remove the System File Type leaving nothing more specific than the File Type Group (containing .foobar), it still falls back to All files' Info Tip.

Perhaps this is how this option is meant to work and I'll have to manage each File Type I wish to exclude individually. If so, the Never show... option could be clarified in the documentation.

As a side note, it'd be great to have a way to identify System File Types that have been edited, such as italicising their text in the long list, though a sortable column may prove to be more useful.


- Directory Opus v12.23.2 Beta x64 Build 7734
- Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.868

Since .foobar is (at least in many places) considered a filename without an extension, it may not match the file type group at all. (Although it's odd if it's matching the file type for just that name. From your other thread related to this, it sounded like it wasn't?)

Much of it is just data in the registry so there's no way to know if it has been edited or was always like that.

The Opus-specific changes that other programs wouldn't understand get written to config files instead of the registry. You can look at those to see what has been edited by going to /dopusdata/FileTypes in Opus.

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I was testing on a file named test.foobar. I don't think I tested against a plain .foobar.

Unfortunate, but that makes sense.

I'll have to take a look some time.