File type m3u8 opens default with VLC but shows iTunes

When I look on the file type for m3u8 I see "Opens with VLC media player" but when I double click on the M3U8 file type the action "open" shows "C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /open "%1".

I don't understand this. Also when I delete iTunes and set VLC as default - the entry doesn't change.

Original problem - I'm using OpenWebIf (streaming of TV from Linux receiver to PC) and there is a .m3u8 link to start a TV station but Opera Browser downloads and I have so save the .m3u8 file and then open it to - and VLC starts. ... but I want to click on the .m3u8 and VLC should open and start (without asking for where to save).


The File Types dialog shows the actual file type's information, but Windows has several layers where that information may be overridden.

Right-clicking a file and using Open With > Choose Default Program will usually fix both double-click and the icon.

You sometimes need to exit the program (File > Exit Directory Opus, not just closing the window) for icons to update after that kind of change.