File Types Editor

I have on a number of occasions successfully used the File Types Editor. However, Directory Opus does not properly handle .tif files. I used the File Types Editor to change the file association from a Directory Opus program to an installed program named "Able Fax Tiff View" which has more features than the Directory Opus program; such as a left side display of all the scanned file images (similar to a PDF file), the ability to change the position of an image (such as moving it from the second position to the fifth position), Etc. When Directory Opus is open and when a .tif file is double clicked, Directory Opus opens its own program. However, when Windows Explorer is open and when a .tif file is double clicked, the "Able Fax Tif View" program is opened. Directory Opus should be changed to open a .tif file in accordance to the File Types Editor settings and not default to using the Directory Opus .tif program.

Please see: How to stop the Opus image viewer from being used by default