File Types - Export/Import Not Working

There seems to be a massive bug with exporting and then importing the Directory Opus File Types.

  1. Make a backup of your entire configuration. This is REALLY important if you customized File Types a lot and don't want to spend a lot of time restoring them without a backup like I did.
  2. Go to File Types -> File -> Export -> All Directory Opus file types and save that file.
  3. Double click All files and folders
  4. Go to Context Menu tab and delete everything there except for Properties.
    NOTE: With step 3 and 4, basically you can just do any modifications. These steps are just for consistency.
  5. Import the file made from step 2.

The deleted items from Context Menu are not restored even though they are present in the file made in step 2 (through notepad). In addition, all associated file extensions for File Type Groups (Archives, Documents, Images, and etc.) are wiped clean. All paths to Context Menu icons are also wiped. Seems like a pretty bad bug here. The file made in step 2 looks to be perfectly fine though so something is wrong with the import function.

Spent quite a bit of time figuring out what's going on and redoing all the changes to the context menu items that I made since I had no other backup of the configuration because I just started heavily modifying File Types the other day.

Confirmed for the All Files and Folders type. I think there may be something special about that one.

We need to dig further, but I just wanted to confirm the report.

Fixed in the next update, thanks for the report. If you still have the export file you made the fix will let you import it and recover your settings.

Sweet! It works perfectly now! Thanks! So I guess it was an issue parsing the XML file? Since it "failed" at All Files and Folder type, it ends up messing up with further import of data further down the XML like how it wiped away all associated extensions for File Type Groups? Haha.