File types --> file coloring :how to highlight

Hi all,
in Settings --> File types --> File types groups
adding an colour for e.g. EXE extension (here in RED)
That displays right in DO, all *.EXE are colored.
Not defined file types are black. Right.

Selecting (not defined) filetypes gives me a light-red row (right!)

Selecting (a defined) filtype gives me a dotted line row

  • not a highlighting ----Why


Look at Preferences / Display / Colors & Fonts.

Sorry - did that - doesn't work...
Down I made a snapshot
Look at line dopus.exe


What colours did you set for the selected .exe files in the file type editor?

Looks like you gave them red text and a transparent background.

Thank You,
I did not make anything transparent, but made that error:

File types --> file colors --> selected background color
Prefs --> Colors & Fonts --> files --> selected background color

were the same