File types not working in viewer pand

I recently installed version 12.31 x64. I can no longer see in the viewer pane Microsoft products (e.g. .doc .docx .xls .xlsc) and also not able to see Open Office products (e.g. ,ods .odt).

Had a similar problem in the past with .pdf and fixed it in the Viewer .> Plugins > ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web configuration.

The only close option is Microsoft Office (legacy). Clicking to activate it did not help (after adding .ods .odt extensions. Did not help

I deactivated the entire ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin and got back a very low res preview of .odt and .ods but still no view of Microsoft.

Is there a fix? I use this very frequently. Thank you in advance!

Do the same files work in File Explorer's viewer pane?

If they don't work there either, the problem is with the Office viewers rather than any part of Opus. Repairing or reinstalling MS Office usually fixes them.

@Leo Thanks for quick reply. The issue is that I never had Office on this computer. I work with Open Office exclusively. It always worked previously in DO though. Now not with the new install?

It also reverted my pdf viewer which also stopped previewing but that I was able to find in preferences in the ActiveX area. I just cannot see where I can re-enable Office and Open Office.

I use this a lot. Do I need to revert to a previous DO version?

Nothing on the Opus side changed here in a long time. And the Office viewers are the same ones that File Explorer uses. You usually cannot view Office documents without Office installed (or something like QuickView Plus, one of the few other things that can display Office documents).

Get things working in File Explorer, then worry about Opus. The issue is likely not inside Opus or your Opus configuration, unless you can view the documents in File Explorer but they still don't show in Opus.

A long time ago, Open Office included a viewer designed for Internet Explorer, but they abandoned that and it hasn't worked in 10 or more years.

The "Office (Legacy)" option won't help unless you have a very old version of Microsoft Office installed. It won't do anything with Open Office.