FileBot DO Button - Movies & TV show Renamer (2019 Update))

Hi All,
Recently started using this nice app with Directory opus that allows us to Rename movies & TV shows with one click.

  1. Please visit
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Then install these two Directory Opus buttons:
    Download Movie(s) Name.dcf (359 Bytes)
    Download TV Show names.dcf (2.0 KB)

I also highly recommend using this button in conjunction with Miran's "TheMovieDB Poster&Info Downloader".

Update to Tv Show Button
Added "Rename & Move to Show Folder" Button
Renames file and then moves it into a folder of your choosing (you will need to assign a folder by editing the button)

Added "Get Episode List" button
Downloads the complete list of episode names into a Text file.

Enjoy :laughing:


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Thanks you, this is extremely helpful.

Do you know how to also make this button rename a folder?
Either by renaming the parent folder after it changes the name of the video file (for movies) or by just running the command on the folder instead of the file?
Works great by the way... Thanks!

Hi, can anyone help me, I would like a button that will fetch the subtitles for a film that I have selected in English. I set up the renaming and other buttons no problem it just seems to elude me doing this simple one shot wonder button?

Any help would be appreciated.

This button should do the trick, although I am getting network errors at the moment. But I'd rather use the filebot desktop app anyway, since it allows you to select the most suitable subtitle file from a list.
FileBot Download Subtitles.dcf (387 Bytes)

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Thanks a lot.

FileBot has recently made some changes to its command line options. Here's the updated Button. FileBot actually works quite well now and the button allows for batch downloading. BTW: you might need to sign up for a free account at and enter your login in FileBot.

FileBot Download Subtitles.dcf (706 Bytes)


Thanks lxp
Button works well :slight_smile:

OK, hopefully this works. It works for me, but I've not made one of these before. (Nor, obviously enough, saved or uploaded one :slight_smile:

This renames the files in place without creating file structures, etc. One of my main annoyances with Filebot was that I had to choose TVDB EVERY SINGLE TIME I USED IT, I couldn't set it as a default. Here, I've done that.

Rename format is as follows: "Grey's Anatomy - S13E20 - In the Air Tonight", but it's easy to edit to your preferred look.

Please let me know if I've screwed something up, and I'll try to rectify it.

Rename - TheTVDB.dcf (380 Bytes)


Hi Juice,
Your button works very well :slight_smile:.
Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.