Filename to modified date?

Hello everyone!
can anyone suggest how I can make a button copying date/time details from a filename to the modified/created timestamp?
I have scanned pdf documents from a printer, named like this:

thanks in advance!

Also, I noticed some of the above pdfs (all scanned from the same printer/scanner) are not taggable (btw, excellent feature !!!!!!!)
I get an error (unknown) .. I thought I read somewhere in the latest beta (3rd?) that this was fixed, but I probably misinterpreted what I read)

You could do it by adapting my Set Created/Modified timestamps to EXIF Shooting Time button, if you know some VBScript.

I don't have time to do it right now, sorry, but maybe someone else can lend a hand if needed.

I m not familiar with VBScript, unfortunately. If anyone has any idea, I would be grateful.
Thank you

My prayer has been answered here: File name to modified date/time?
thanks immensely, Leo !!