Files and dirs context menus

hello to all of you . i've been searching all the doc and the forums without finding the solution to my problem. since it's a question everyone must have asked at least one time, i thing i must have missed something but of course i don't know what.
How can i modify the files context menu and the dirs context menu ? i know of the context menu in "personalize", but there is nor one nor the other one there.

in the file menu , you can see the file context menu but you cant edit it.

for instance, if i choose not to have the windows menu in the dopus menus, how can i have "open with" in the dopus file menu ? ... d=7&lid=64

Also, the embedded help explains how to make this happen... search for open or more specifically OPENWITHMENU and you'll see what command you need to add to the context menu in the File Type Editor part of Dopus that Damien pointed you to.

thanks to both of you. in fact i had already seen the tutorial but it's so imprecise . i don't mean the tutorial is not well done, but the problem is pretty huge and there's just one page ... is there any place where i could find documentation about this ? for instace steje, for openwithmenu , did you searched and found that by yourshelf, or is there some place to find the informations ?

Hi there flytox,

It took me a while to get familiar with Dopus' internal command set. Personally, I started by just checking out what each of the internal functions did by using the Raw Commands Reference Tables in the internal help system as a guide... It gives a pretty good overview of what the commands do. From there, unlocking the power of Dopus is just a matter of learning where in the interface you can make changes in order to make use of the commands GPSoft has given to us.

While I have not looked at it all (I learned enough to get around in the program before he finished it) Nudel has compiled what seems to be a pretty good Getting to know Directory Opus tutorial. I'd suggest you take some time to check it out. It's available from the tutorials downloads section of these forums.

If you want a quickie guide to exactly where you can make config changes in Dopus to modify toolbar buttons and/or context menus, let me know and I will post a new topic to the forum just for this info... I wonder if Tanis would consider making such a post an 'Important Topic' as a suegway to Nudel's full blown tutorial for new users.

It would be better if you were to write some sort of tutorial that it be placed in the tutorial downloads folder, rather than as a forum post.

Gus' tutorial, Triple Drive Buttons, offers plenty of beginning tips for button/toolbar editing.

Well, you're absolutely right... I would have no problem doing that of course, but while I don't know if flytox is an exmaple of this or not, it seems like a fair number of people don't make their way to the tutorials section of the forums... and I was hoping you could have a sticky topic at the top as a sort of 'announcement' that great stuff like Gus and Nudel and JohnZ external control codes guides are available. Maybe a single general topic telling people that there is indeed a 'Tutorials' section that they can go to in order to get a leg up on using Dopus?

But hey, it's you're forum and this is just a suggestion, not meant as criticism or anything. It's not like I mind answering peoples questions or anything :slight_smile:.

I have to say that i have read ALL the tutorials i found and searched in the forums for as long as possible.
As far as i can, i've tried to solve by myshelf the problems i encountered, and sometimes, i've had to ask in the forums, here or on yahoo. for almost all the questions , i have found the answers i was looking for.

But for certain problems, i have to say that i ain't found no answer nowhere, and the context menus is one of those. i've read all the topics till one year ago, and i found a lot of questions concerning context menus.

One particularity about the questions i found in forums about context menus is that the guys asking questions are not totally newbies in the soft : when you are wondering questions about context menus , it means that you have already solved all the most important problems. context menu questions come after a lot of one, and usually the guys have already read the tutorials (which is not the case for a lot of other questions)

For instance , i'm actually trying to suppress the "open" (not "open with" ) and the "explore" lines in context menus. of course i've masked windows elements on menus, but i don't find anywhere the place where they are in dopus, nor do i find the way to solve the problem in ANY tutorial (am i wrong ?) and for sure , even if Leo's tutorial is the main stuff i found , he doesn't explain that.

For sure (it's not a request), a more complete tutorial about context menus (as i found one for formats) would be VERY useful, and even for guys like me who spent so many time in configuring opus.

I do like to spend days and days looking for a solution, but when it could be solved easily, i prefer spend my time in using opus.

best regards

Context menu configuration can be a bit confusing because so many items overlap. For example, you may have to set the context menu options for "All Files" then again for "All folders" and also "All files and folders". Then there's the file groups, like all "documents", "images", "music" and so on. And lastly there's the individual file name extensions for each file type, and if you want to have your context menus set precisely so only certain menu commands are always displayed, you need to set the context menu options for all of the above. It can take quite awhile.

I don't think there's any way to do this, sorry.

jon wrote:

I don't think there's any way to do this, sorry.[/quote]

Hmmm... interesting twist on things, not what it first appeared to be about.

To flytox, I can tell you the tutorial I'm working on touches on this latest question you've posed. To expand on what JohnZ described, there's actually an additional layer of context menu items that appear... They are options that are NOT explicitly 'controlled' by Dopus and are the standard shell actions for file types which you can still usually find evidence of on the Actions tab of the Dopus file type editor for the particular system file type/extension. These are actions such as you've observed like open and explore, as well as other standards like print and find.

Over to jon... can you tell us what the 'rules' are for which 'standard shell actions' will possibly be displayed by Dopus? For instance, what's mentioned here - open, explore, find, print and printto seem to be given 'standards'. Is that just an assumption by Dopus to continue to show those particular actions even when disabling 'windows context items' in Prefs? It's also clear that whatever shell action is the 'default' action will also be shown by Dopus as well... such as for some media types, you'll often see something like Play.

Back to flytox... while it might or might not be possible for GPSoft to ever offer an option to supress the standard file type actions in the context menu, certainly the only change you can make to get rid of these types of items 'now' will also affect Windows Explorer. In the Dopus file type editor, if you hit 'Delete' after selecting one of the actions on the Actions tab of a system file type, it will be removed from the registry. Though for some reason, Open seems to always remain in the context menu, even if you manually delete the 'open' action so that it appears in the Dopus file type editor... this might be what jon is referring to when he says there is no way get rid if that.

If you right-click a DLL file I bet it doesn't have an Open option. :slight_smile:

Not sure what the rules are, though. Maybe there always has to be a default command for a given filetype and it'll end up being "Open" if there is no other? I'm completely guessing, though.

It would have Open With though :stuck_out_tongue: