Files for Favorites

First time poster here. Up front: Nothing but digital love for DOpus. Acutally, it's almost annoying how well designed and performing it is. No chance I would accept a buy-out from MS if I were you. Your brainchild is just too precious to sell :grin:

Enough buttering. Coming from (now un-/fortunately discountinued) CubicExplorer which served me well for half a decade, I found your version of file management just the right thing to adopt. Featuring everything - well almost, see below - I expect from a productivity point of view and more. Again, loooaaads of butter there.

The one thing I am missing though is the option to add files to my favourites and not just folders. Maybe there is some other way - I am sure there is - but single file access via Favorites is something I got used to in CubicExplorer. And now I cannot file-manage without it.

Here's the way I used it: Shortcut to my oldschool timetracking excel / word templates and others.

If it is not too much a hassle to implement this, I would be another already more than happy user.
Speaking of user, I will become a paying customer as soon as I have convinced my family & friends that DOpus is an amazing tool worth buying, I will buy a DOpus Pro License package.

Sorry for the chatter. Go do what you do best or enjoy your spare time. Just wanted to put it out there: DOpus is a time-safer! Five :+1: up!

You can do that already using this command (adds all selected files to favorites):

Favorites ADD=nameonly PATH {filepath}

(See How to use buttons and scripts from this forum if you don't know what to do with the command.)

You can also drag folders or files to toolbars (while in Customize mode) to create buttons for them anywhere you want, if you want special buttons in places without having the whole Favorites list there.

Using this creates the favorites entry - but it creates it for the parent folder, not the file I specified in {filepath}. How do I make it open the specified file?

The command already does that:



  1. Select a file in the lister by clicking on it (highlighting it)
  2. Type ">Favorites ADD=nameonly PATH {filepath}" and press enter
  3. Observe the selected file get added to the bottom of the favorites list
  4. Click this file in the favorites list
  5. Observe parent folder of the file from step 1 open in the lister instead of the file from step 1.

I tried with several different files. The entry in preferences is indeed correct, but this is not what opens.

Adding a file to Favorites and then selecting the favorite will display the folder the file is in and scroll down to select/highlight the file.

The Favorites list isn't for launching files; it's for going to places. If you want to launch a file, simply drag the file to your toolbar (while in Settings > Customize Toolbars mode) and it will make a button which runs the file.

Ok, OP was inquiring about files as favorites, not just folders, so I presumed it would open the file, not the folder, so this is intended behaviour - I will use just buttons then.