Files not showing in listers

I am tearing my hair out trying to figure out what is going on with my files in my default lister. When I click on my network drive, I get folders but no files whatsoever. As seen in the attachments, I have a whole bunch of files in this drive. However, only the folders show. When I click on show everything, the files show up (but so do items that should be hidden... I have created different styles to see if I can rectify, but to no avail. I have tried everything in my knowledge to get this fixed. In my status bar it shows that it is filtering - STATE: Filtering - but I have no filters set. It doesn't have any specific extyensions it hides, either. It hides all files. For local folders it doesn't have any issue, which leads me to believe it has something to do with the network drives. State%20-%20Filtering
I have tried using different parameters and settings for my style but nothing works. This started happening after I upgraded to v 12.0, but not sure what sub-version it was (it happened for both beta and Stable releases). I am currently running 12.17.4 Beta (latest). The Hide Filters is checked and Hidden is selected. That works fine. The Show Filter is currently checked and I have used different settings for that but no joy. I have unchecked it and checked it with "*" (and others) in the filenames field. The strange thing is that if I click on the same style it is set for, it then shows all files as I want... Anyone have an idea?

Hello all. Don't I feel stupid... I realized soon after posting this that somehow I had several folder formats that were old and were checked. I am now suitably and certifiably a moron. Hope this might help someone else in the future... :slight_smile:

Don't forget if you hover over the padlock icon in the status bar it will tell you where the current folder format came from.

Good point. I got rid of the padlock a while back, but I'll put it back in there so I don't have this happen again. Thanks, Jon.