Files not updating

I've recently migrated my Documents folder to OneDrive. Since doing so Directory Opus is no longer picking up changes to the files in other software, including Windows Explorer.
Below are the DebugView++ logs when I rename a file in Windows Explorer and then revert to the original name. Renaming the file in Opus does update the name in Windows Explorer.

1 0.000000 28432 dopus.exe [24736] dopus: ShellChange: 00000274D56A0670, 3
2 0.000039 28432 dopus.exe [24736] dopus: ShellChange: dwEvent = 20000
3 4.393337 28432 dopus.exe [24736] dopus: ShellChange: 00000274D56A0310, 3
4 4.393445 28432 dopus.exe [24736] dopus: ShellChange: dwEvent = 20000

Deleting a file in Explorer did not generate a log entry and was not picked up by Opus. Explorer does recognize the folder being deleted in Opus.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is that the full output with notify_debug turned on as well (not just shellchange_debug)?

Is no_external_change_notify turned on? Make sure that one is off and the other two are on.

(More detail on the settings here: Changes to folders are not being detected )

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the response. I'd been having this issue for a few days since moving to OneDrive, but as of yesterday evening, the issue seems to be resolved. I have no explanation.

Thanks again,

The issue reoccurred. I've tracked it down to the Documents (or OneDrive) folder being open in both listers in a dual lister layout. If only open in one lister the files update as expected.

Do both sides stop updating, or only one?

Does it start working again if one side is closed, or do you need to restart the program or computer for it to start working?

When it's not working in Opus, do changes show in other software while those windows are still open?

When things are working correctly with a single Opus file display, what happens if you then open two File Explorer windows and point both at the folder? Do all three windows (Opus and both Explorer windows) continue to update?

Have you checked the diagnostics I talked about in my previous reply?

Is Kaspersky antivirus on the system? That is known to break change notifications in some situations.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the response.

Just to confirm how I'm checking for changes; I'm changing a file name in explorer and checking if it updates in Opus.

I've also noted that this seems to occur when I connect to a network drive (which is mapped as a drive letter). Sometimes folders update on both sides until I connect to the network, but disconnecting from the network drive does not resolve the issue until I change one side from the Documents/OneDrive folder.

In response to your queries:

Both sides stop updating.
Opus starts updating immediately when I change the directory in one side to a folder other than Documents/OneDrive.
Updates in quark are updated in multiple explorer windows (other software).
I have checked diagnostics and had visited the link you provided prior to my initial report.
I use Bitdefender.

The log in the initial report is missing the main type of output I'd expect to see when the diagnostics are turned on. That means that either the main Windows file change notification system on your machine isn't generating any events for Opus at all, or only shellchange_debug was turned on, not the more important notify_debug.

Hi Leo,

Yes, both were turned on. Debug generates much more information when the second lister is not pointing to the Documents folder.

That seems likely to be a system-level issue in that case. You'd normally see notifications about lots of things in the background even if changes were being missed for the specific folders being monitored.

We have seen antivirus, anti-ransomware and anti-document-leaking privacy tools cause notifications to break sometimes, so whitelisting dopus.exe in BitDefender may be worth a try. Windows Defender also causes various problems at times, and may be running in addition to BitDefender, and can also take more steps than expected to fully disable/whitelist all parts of it; there's a guide to configuring Windows Defender here.

Thanks Leo,

I've added exceptions for Opus to both Windows Defender and Bitdefender. I'll let you know if this resolves the issue.

Hi Leo,

I can't comment on why messages are not being generated when the Documents folder is open in both listers (it does update sometimes). Adding the exceptions to Windows Defender and Bitdefender did not resolve the issue. I can address this by ensuring that I only refence the Documents/OneDrive folder in only one lister. Not ideal, but will have to do.

Something else that I've just noted; once the issue arises it isn't due to the Documents/OneDrive folder being open in both listers. The issue persists even if I close the lister on the right (or left). However navigating to the C: (root) drive resolves the issue. Updates stop again if I navigate to the OneDrive folder from the C drive.