"Fill" column cannot be resized

Hello! o)

I like the new fill-type column-widths, but there seem to be situations, where you still like to resize such a column (because it's to narrow) and as it seems, it won't work. I can grab all the other columns at the header-edges to resize their width, but for "fill" columns this seems to be impossible. The mouse cursor also doesn't change to the cross, indicating a possible move operation.

Can that be added to the fill columns? Once such a column is dragged, the fill-behaviour could be removed maybe?

Thanks! o)

Ah, forgot:

What also came to my mind was some "Min" pixel width setting for the fill columns, just like there is "Max" now (but I didn't test that yet o).

Any opinions? I still find that a column which is set to "Fill" should be resizable anytime.
I find myself constantly dragging the separator between filedisplay and the viewer pane now to resize my "Name" columns. This screws the layout of the whole window of course and cuts a lot of space from the viewer pane for reading/viewing selected files.

To me it seems, the "Fill" mode for name columns and similar is nice for the eye currently, but it does not work out for daily use as it behaves now. Hopefully we can enhance it further to satisfy both needs! o)

I'd like it as well. It's a little complicated to implement, but may get added in the future.

For now, a script that turns off fill mode, or resets the folder format if it isn't on in any columns, might be the way to go. (I may even have posted one to the forum. Seems familiar, at least.)

Good to hear. o) I can imagine that it's tricky to do, especially with all the other column types mixed in.

One more idea while we are at it, double clicking the right edge of the "Fill" type columns header could restore the "Fill" mode once it was resized (which I would expect to remove the "Fill" behaviour). Just an idea.

Thanks for pointing to the script-workaround, will have a search or attempt on my own if it yields no results. A script to toggle the "Fill" mode would take away from the "Fill" experience of course, but unless the script won't be needed from now to eternity, why not. In the longer term, returning to fixed width name column would be imminent and the more obvious solution I guess (unfortunately). Thank you.

I'd also like to have this option to be able to manually resize columns set to "Fill". I would envision that, just like other folder view settings, this resizing wouldn't be remembered when exiting the view unless the user has changed the column to another type and subsequently saved the view so it's permanent.

On an initial search, I don't see the script (to turn off fill mode) that you're referring to. Could you direct me on that ? Thanks !

It's here (I think this is the one I was thinking of):

Thanks, Leo !