Filmstrip view

When I choose filmstrip view for my images, the buttons for "start slideshow" and "full screen" are greyed out. Does anyone have any idea why? This didn't happen in Windows Explorer.


The slideshow and fullscreen modes are actually functions of the standalone viewer rather than the viewer pane in a lister. Both rely on the standalone window to perform the task.

I'm not sure why the options in the viewer pane are not able to launch a standalone viewer to do this - perhaps because no-one has requested it. It is late here though, so there may well be a very obvious reason which is eluding me :slight_smile:

However, it's a minor issue - just double click on your image and you can launch the slideshow/fullscreen options from the standalone viewer pane.

Thanks, Tanis - especially for replying at your time of night. I assume you mean that, in the viewer, I press View/Slideshow. But this starts a rather slow slideshow, and I can see no way of varying the length of the display of each image, which Windows Explorer allowed. Can you help on that? Secondly, this must be a bug in the program, I guess: why have buttons that no one can use?

Thanks again.

Check out Preferences, Viewer, Slideshow.

Oh, right - thanks again.