Filter a column combining 2 or more existing filters?

Hi there,

I've made 2 filters and 2 labels named "red" and "blue"
In a folder files have been labeled with "red" and others with "blue". Now I want to filter the label column on "red" and "blue" COMBINING these 2 filters. Is this possible and how can I make a script for this action?

Regards, Robert (Holland)

How do you filter the label column with just one filter? Can you post a screenshot?

I've made some filters in the usual way. I use the YankeeZulu script to choose a filter via a convenient menu. Very useful and it works like a charm. The problem is that you can only choose one item (filter) at a time. I like to choose more than one item to filter, in my case, the "Label" columnn. Actually I want to use several filters combined without creating a new filter.

After some intense searching, I found a topic that suits my needs to use multiple filters.
I just have to adjust the script for my purpose but I'm sure it will work after that!
Thank you...