Filter - Advanced: add Title for Images

Please add Title as a Filter option for Images. That filed is used a lot for photos:

In this list it is called Image description.

Thank you, but NO. Image Description in that list is for Description.
Title is not in the list.

Try the Document category, the Title field listed there should work with images as well.

It does not. I tried. I suspect it has to do with File Type groups, so I will try adding jpeg and jpg to the document file type group and test it.
However, I still think Title should be in the list.

File Type Groups won’t matter here.

What do the related columns show for the files if you add them to the file display?

Leo, I'm not sure I understand your question, but I will answer the question I think you are asking:

I have created a folder format for Images that includes columns for Title (XMP Title, IPTC Object Name) and Description (XMP description, IPTC Caption).

I know I can sort and group by Title, but it takes much too long. I have sone some testing, and using a command is much faster. I have made a few commands based on filters I created:

But I cannot create a filter to find photos with a Title.

My test: Adding .jpg and .jpeg extensions to the 'Documents' file type group did not work.

I've done a quick test, now I'm at my PC, and I don't think Title searching works on JPEGs currently.

I know it doesn't work. The Title field is very often used for photos.
Feature Request: Add Title to the Images metadata list in Advanced Find.