Filter also when viewing images

I often use the "shift+*" to quickly filter a folder I'm working in. Often I work with images, and from my camera I get .cr3, .jpg and .mp4 files. When looking at images I have my camera set to take both a raw and jpg file. When quickly reviewing my shots I only want to look at the jpg files, and select to see only those images. But, when opening an image with the image viewer it still shows the raw(cr3) files even if they are not visible in my lister. Is there a setting to only show files currently in the lister?

It should do that automatically as long as you double-click the file from the lister, and have Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Use internal picture viewer for... turned on.

Launching the viewer via other methods (e.g. Open With menu) will make it generate the file list itself without knowledge of what was visible in the lister.

I had set the Opus imageviewer as standard. In prefs I had it set to unrecognised. I changed it to all image files and that did it. Thanks.

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