Filter and Folder creation

Hi Fellow Hunters,

Can a button be made to filter and then move all files with the same name, within a folder into new folders?
The name being everything before a symbol such as (-). Or possibly a multi button to select the middle or end for the name? :thumbsup:

Before - Files in Folder:

Barnette, Michael - Through Neon Eyes - 01 - Zoner.txt
Barnette, Michael - Through Neon Eyes - 02 - Control.doc
Barry, C J - Unearthed - 01 - Unearthed.txt
Barry, C J - Unearthed - 02 - Unraveled.rar
Barry, C J - Unearthed - 03 - Unleashed.txt
Barton, William - The Man Who Counts.txt

After - Filter and Folders created:

Barnette, Michael
Barry, C J
Barton, William

I have looked but cannot find anything, maybe instead of looking for a spade I should be looking for a shovel ?

Any help please

Thank you :grin:

This appears to be a simple rename.

The DOpus folks would like you to link your account. In honoring that, someone will provide an answer once you do.

This is what I have found,and it works.


Rename REGEXP PATTERN= "([^-]) - (.)" TO \1\\2 AUTORENAME

Wish it was a multi button as original requested, to select either the beginning, middle or end for the name?