Filter Bar does not show current filter if changed by button while it has focus

Set FLATVIEW=mixednofolders,on

When I manually delete text from the Filter Bar (click into search field, backspace, leave cursor there), and then click the button described above, DOpus will perform the filter action but not update the filter bar text. Toggling between two tabs will cause DOpus to notice the problem, and show it. Also clicking into the file area, which removes the caret from the search bar, will cause the search field to show the correct contents.

Suggestion: Set QUICKFILTER *.txt should always update the filter bar text field, also in cases where it is currently manually being edited. It will even go as far that if I enter ".doc" into the filter bar field, leave the cursor blinking there, and then click on the Set QUICKFILTER *.txt button, the bar will claim it's still filtering for *.doc when it's actually filtering for *.txt.

That's by design. If the filter bar's field for editing the filter has focus, it won't change underneath your typing, because you were presumably about to type something into it, or already had typed something you didn't want to lose.

As soon as you click somewhere else (that takes focus away from the edit field, e.g. the file display), the filter bar will show the current state.

Or push return or esc before clicking the other button.

Or just click the button without erasing the filter text first, since the button is going to replace the text anyway.

Or add Set FOCUS=FileDisplay to the button so it automatically moves focus away from the filter bar when you click it.

This is the solution of course! Thank you very much, I should have thought of that!

(I often check the filter bar to see what filter is active, so it being shown as empty was confusing often. As to why I this situation occurs in the first place, I simply use the filter bar text field often, and it just happens more often than you would expect that the cursor focus remains in the text box, and that I didn't think of doing an additional preventive click etc for the future situation of clicking the button.)

--> So this fix is really helpful!