Filter bar: how to add my own filters?

Is there a way to add my own filters to show up in the filter bar (above the status bar), or, alternatively remember previously used filters?
Maybe it is there, vainly searched for it.

It would be nice if a regularly used filter could be saved somewhere: no need to type, e.g. something like : ~(file1*|file2*|file3*) each time again, after changing folders or something.


You can make buttons / menus / hotkeys for filters you use often, if that would help? They wouldn’t be on the filter bar itself but could be anywhere in toolbars or menus.

After 1,5 hour of trying to figure this out myself, gave up on it. Bad luck.

We can help if you tell us what you’re trying to do.

I wish I knew how to create simple filters like this:

SnagIt-20112022 160508

(that's to say, without having to set this up each time)

I might set this up in Preferences > File Operations > Filters.
There is a list of filters there, created a long time ago.
Honestly speaking, I don't use them and in fact forgot how to use them.
Vainly tried to figure this out.

Do you want a toolbar button that applies a specific wildcard?

Or a menu item?

Or a hotkey?

Or something else?


function OnClick(clickData)
    var cmd = clickData.func.command;
    var filepath = "%appdata%\\GPSoftware\\Directory Opus\\Scripts\\INI\\CustomFilters.txt";   //File path
    if(DOpus.FSUtil.Exists(filepath)) {          //Read file
	   var FSU = DOpus.FSUtil;
       var ST = DOpus.Create.StringTools();
       var text = FSU.OpenFile(filepath).Read();
       var text = ST.Decode(text, "utf-8 bom");
    } else {var text = "New Filter\r\n-";}
    var myArray = text.split("\r\n");
	var opt1 = DOpus.NewVector();
    for(i = 0; myArray[i]; i++) {
        opt1(i) = myArray[i];
	var opt2 = DOpus.NewVector(opt1.length);
    var dlg = clickData.func.dlg;
	//Show menu
	dlg.choices = opt1; = opt2;
	var r = dlg.Show();
	//If clicking
	if (r > 0)
	//Get Clicked item
	var c = opt1(r - 1);
	if(c == "New Filter") {
	   var dlg = clickData.func.Dlg;
	   dlg.title = "New Filter";
	   dlg.message = "Enter a new filter";
	   dlg.buttons = "OK|Cancel";
	   dlg.max = 256;
	   dlg.defvalue = ""; = true;
	   var input = dlg.input;
	   if (dlg.result == 0 || input == "")
	   var newFilter = "";
	   var filecontent = "";
	   if(c != "New Filter") {
	      cmd.Runcommand('Set QUICKFILTER="' + c + '"');               //Run an internal command
	     } else {
		 if(input != "") {
		    cmd.Runcommand('Set QUICKFILTER="' + input + '"');         //Run an internal command
            for(i = 0; myArray[i]; i++) {
                if(input == myArray[i]) {var equal = 1};
			if(equal != 1) {newFilter = input};
            if(newFilter != "" && text != "") {
		       filecontent = text + "\r\n" + newFilter;
			   } else {
			   if(newFilter != "" && text == "") {
			      var filecontent = "New Filter\r\n-" + "\r\n" + newFilter;
            if(!DOpus.FSUtil.Exists("%appdata%\\GPSoftware\\Directory Opus\\Scripts\\INI\\")) {       //Create the path if does not exist
			  cmd.Runcommand('CreateFolder "%appdata%\\GPSoftware\\Directory Opus\\Scripts\\INI\\"');
			if(filecontent != "") {
	          var FSU2 = DOpus.FSUtil;
              var ST2 = DOpus.Create.StringTools();
			  var oFileWrite = FSU2.OpenFile(filepath, "wa");               //Save filters
              var utf8bom = ST2.Encode(filecontent, "utf-8 bom");
              if(oFileWrite.error == 0)

He's unlikely to need anything remotely as complex as that. :smiley: It will probably be a one-line command. But we need the details of exactly what is wanted and where.

Sorry, either a menu item or button.
I tried to set up a filter (see above) but how to invoke it and/or create a button or menu item, no idea.

Using your wildcard from above, the command would be like this:

Set QUICKFILTER="~(snag*|capt*|img*)"

See How to use buttons and scripts from this forum - Raw Commands for how to add it to a toolbar.

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Thank you! That's the one I was seeking.
Wasn't aware of QuickFilter to be frank.
Thanks again and sorry for the delay.

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