Filter Bar: how to fill specific filter-args in the filter bar by customization

As shown below, I want to quickly type the keywords as the highlighted arg on the right and the DO will always fix the first arg "wt" as header and match including any words like "02" and "04".

Is it possible to set this? Or is there any workarounds? Or any hints for popup a window and can type words that make the file viewer filter in real time that could be helpful.


Can't be done via the Filter Bar itself, but you could do it in a couple of ways:

  • A command which opens the Find Panel and loads a preset with everything you want, where you'd then select the highlighted field and type in the custom details and click Find.


  • A script that prompts you for a string, and then runs the Find command with the appropriate details added to the search filter.

Is there an event that will auto-run the filter after finishing keyword inputs without clicking a button in real-time?

Not for the Filter Bar, but you could use a FAYT script to get something very similar.

FAYT scripts are new in Opus 13 and allow scripts to see what's being typed and choose how they react to it (either by running a command, or by returning a list of suggestions/completions for the user to choose from).

There are some examples here: Find-As-You-Type (FAYT) scripts

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wow, it sounds good! I will have a try. Thanks!