Filter bar's default "music" file category filter only shows a few audio file types

I have noticed this for a while, but just was too distracted on other things to report, sorry:

The filter bar has this handy feature where you can filter groups of files depending on their category type, say pictures, music, videos, or documents...

I've only tested this extensively on the music group but as far as I've noticed, it only filters out mp3, wav and wma files. It doesn't include m4a, ogg, mpa, flac, opus, ape etc. I often find myself just clicking on individual music file types instead of relying on the default music group filter. Dunno about the other categories like pictures but they probably could use some updating too -- or at least I suspect, given the shear number of image file types out there.

I think those are all included by default now, but may not be set in your config if it dates back to an older version.

You can add and remove extensions from file type groups via Settings > File Types.

I do have the latest beta version. But I guess upgrading/updating probably skips overwriting some of these configs I already have... Hmmn. Carrying over our old settings all the time does make us miss some changes to the program -- so there are some disadvantages there after all. Okay, no prob, I found the the file type group extension settings now. I'll just add the file extension types mannually then. Thanks, Leo.