Filter - Created Before?

Hi there,

I'm trying to configure dopus to automatically flush old files from my Downloads folder. I'd like to do this using a file filter, and I have three questions:

  1. When configuring a new filter, I set "Date/Time -> Match -> Created -> Before"... but then I can only set a hard date (i.e, 28 Nov 2012), and not a relative one. I want "Created before 1 week or earlier" -- i.e, I want the filter to catch all files with creation date > 7 days ago. Is that possible?

  2. If/when I finally get this filter to work, is it possible to trigger it via the command line? I would like to run a nightly scheduled task that opens dopus, runs this filter (and a bunch of other ones, assuming this works), and cleans up everything while I'm not at the computer. Can this be done?

  3. Are file filters the right way to go about this, or am I missing something?

Thank you!

  1. Use "Within" instead of "Before" and you can then make the filter "within: 1 week" or similar.

  2. You can use DOpusRT.exe /cmd to run Opus commands from outside of Opus.

  3. Yes, filters are good for selectively copying/deleting things. (More about them here.)

Thanks Leo, that helps!