Filter: how to create empty folder structure multiple drives drives\folders

I know there are a few threads on the matter of creating an empty folder structure, such as "Recreate Empty Directory Structure" and "Context menu : Copy file or folder whilst recreating folder structure".

This works fine whilst selecting each and drive and the relevant sub folder separately and do the copy folder structure.

Wonder whether it would be possible to do the same on multiple drives\folders in 1 'go'.
So e.g. E:\Folder1, F:\Folder2, G:\Folder3 and so on.

Currently I use a filter : type match folder

Tried adding above folders using
And Match Location E:\Folder1*.*
Or Match Location F:\Folder2*.*
Or Match Location G:\Folder3*.*
with and without wildcards
checking/unchecking 'Use wildcards'

or alternatively
Match FullPath with the above subfolders

It did not work. Probably this isn't the way to go and maybe what I want isn't possible at all, at least not in a simple way.

Then I just do it the way I do it right now.