Filter limit characters

I usually press the * key to open the filter toolbar and do some operations, i found that it only admits 30.000 characters at once, is there any advanced setting to increase this limit or perhaps disable it completely?

My query strings are the likes of (abc|xgs'(gs')gs|lgdw) and get truncated when they reach the limit, thus becoming invalid, having to manually redo the initial string into two queries.

Thanks for reading!

Pasting almost 30KB of data as a wildcard seems unusual. Maybe there’s a better way, e.g. using a script to decide which names to select. Depends where that huge pattern comes from, but to be that large it is presumably being generated by some code or a data table somewhere? If so, that logic could be placed in a script.

You could also use the advanced filter control (Edit > Select Pattern > Advanced) to split the pattern into multiple clauses.