Filter look for folders containing *Hit Parade*

I'm doing a Find Duplicate Files. I need to look into only Folders that contain the text "Hit Parade" in the FolderName. The folders are called "Your Hit Parade 1955" and more...

The Folders are sub directories of parent "Album", some 2 and 3 deep. So I tried the filter "Contains" . Contains seems like it would be lookin for a file that contains the this text. Anyway nothing is working. I need to some how search the SubFolderName for "Hit Parade".



Put the structure you want to search into flat view (mixed) mode and then search for "Hit Parade".
Select the matching folders and add them as members to a collection.
Now search for duplicates in the collection.

Regards, AB

maybe also interesting: if you have your list in flat view, you can jump to each containing directory using GO OPENCONTAINER.

"Contains" is for finding files that contain certain text. It doesn't make sense for folders.

For the proper way to do it, see the FAQ: How to filter items by location or sub-folder.