Filter selection on DESCRIPTION field

I am trying to select items where the description contains certain words but have not been able to figure it out. The example below doesn't seem to work. I have tried with bother VERSION and VERSION:

What am I missing ?

The Description column shows two things:

  1. File descriptions (think comments) which you've typed in for the files. (Saved in the "descript.ion" format which a few other programs also support.)

  2. Automatically generated information about the files. e.g. Image dimensions or exe version information.

When filtering by Description, only the first of those two things is searched.

I'm not sure if there is a way to filter based on the exe/dll version fields. I've just sent GPSoftware a feature request asking for it seems useful.

For now I think the best bet is to add the version column (Tools -> Folder Options / Columns; select the Programs category from the drop-down and then the Module Version column) and then sort by it to get all items with version stamps together for easy selection.