Filter the folder tree

Is it possible to filter the folder tree for the current folder like the asterisk shows filter bar for folder pane?

I have subfolders that are organized in a way that I could have dozens and need to filter to see just a few... e.g. all of JAN 2014 would be 201401*

and so the filter tree would show the normal branches to get to the current folder but then the current folder contents would be limited to

Thank you for an awesome product that is superior to the windows file explorer.

The folder tree only responds to global filters (Preferences / Folders / Global Filters), which you probably would not want to use here as they would hide similar folders everywhere.

However, you could set the Hidden attribute on the folders you don't want to see, and also turn on the global option to hide Hidden items. That will let you hide those folders in the tree without affecting others with similar names. The attribute can be set and cleared using wildcards, if that helps.

added a menu, with button

  • GO _the_folder_iwant

  • Set QUICKFILTER _thepattern_ineed!Documents/Filter_Bar1.htm

this software is amazing and powerful, so much to learn for me!

I have folders with strict names and can now easily parse out just the ones I want to see

  • 202006
  • etc...

and you have given me tons of places to put the commands... any menu, any where

seriously, this software could be made into a help file editor, issue tracker, eccopro