Filterbar - get current filter and whether regex is enabled

Hi there! o)

Is there a way to retrieve the current filter the quickfilter bar has set? And..
Is there a way to detect whether the filter bar is running in regex mode?

Thank you! o)

We'll add this info to the Tab object in the next update.

Cool! So I can make that EasyFilter dialog work like it should, very nice. o)

I tried on my own, reading the DO prefs xml and look at what mode the filter bar is set. You've put that setting as flag in one of the integers in there, but for some reason I was not able to get through to the actual flag using common bitwise operators.
I scratched my head because everything should have worked, it's quite common technique, hu?
I thought it must have something to do with JScript in particular and went on, I admit. o)