Finally got transparency working to my liking

Went for a Windows 11 inspired kind of minimal look.


That looks great!
Are you using micaforeveryone?

I'm still on win10 so I can't use it.

The some hacks that will work for windows explorer on 10, but, no, I have used explorer in a decade.

Been playing with GitHub - Maplespe/DWMBlurGlass: Add custom effect to global system title bar, support win10 and win11. and GitHub - ALTaleX531/TranslucentFlyouts: Translucent effect for most of the win32 flyouts

They're cute. But not really stable. If you get more than 6 or so windows open my GPU shoots up 30 - 40+ %.

Hey Xavier, I'm on Windows 10 myself. Still resisting 11 for as long as I can as I'm still not a fan of numerous implementations of features.

I've tried all the apps you mentioned DWMBlurGlass, micaforeveryone and explorerblurmica. What they can achieve is impressive but ive found all of them buggy in some way.

This is SystemTransparency by Prisoner7. It's quite an old app and not updated anymore but it works and I also discovered it has a hotkey that allows you to apply the Transparency effect to any window.

In this case I made a shortcut to launch Dopus and send the hotkey using AHK so now I can launch Dopus and it will be transparent. I haven't noticed any graphical glitches yet and I've been using it for a few weeks though I'm not the most advanced user.

Never11! haha.

ill have to check SystemTransparency out. I'm surepised this works on dopus. the developers wrote a custom GUI system to so that we have the ability to set our own colors everywhere.

when i was playing with TranslucentFlyouts the wouldn't work in dopus because its menus are not being generate via the shell. i love dwmblurglass for the win7 window frames but yeah, its too buggy to use.

also ... check out GitHub - cy-gh/AHK_ZenWindows: This little, portable program helps you to focus on one window at a time, while making all other windows semi-transparent. When you hover over other windows, they temporarily become opaque.

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