Find and Replace and wildcards

I would like to rename a number of files which are named as follows:

Filename - 001.pdf
Something other - 002.pdf
Something else altogher - 004.pdf


so that "00" and the last number of stripped out.

Opening Rename window, Choosing for preset Find and Replace, in the Find, I entered 00 which shows in the preview that these two numbers are removed, but I cannot enter any shortcut for the last character/number.

Using Total Commander, with its find and replace function, I can enter "00?" and that is sufficient to strip out the 3 numbers eg "001", "002", etc.

Is the equivalent possible in Opus 9 without using regular expressions?

Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Old name: * - 00*.pdf
New name: *.pdf
Type: Standard Rename