Find as you type (FAYT) - Questions/Issues

Had a few questions/annoyances and was wondering if there was any solutions.

  1. I work with dual listers a lot and have to do FAYT for both dual listers for identical searches, is there any key or settings to type in both listers at the same time? Like holding down shift or something?
  2. Often times when navigating a folder on a network or thumb drive location, the folder takes a while to load, and I will usually start typing prior to the folder finish loading without realizing it because I'm accustomed to faster loading on local drives, and what happens is my FAYT will be erased and I have to repeat the process.
  3. Is there any way to FAYT / Select the files from a batch based on clipboard or text - maybe a button with a dialog that I can paste tons of separate lines of searches? If I have a lot of files that I need to address sometimes. Searching each one manually can be a pain.
  1. You could have a button / hotkey which prompts for a pattern and applies it to both sides. Making it apply as you typed (into the prompt) would be possible via a scripted dialog, but would need more than a simple line or two of code. (We may have a better solution for this in the future, but it's still on the drawing board.)

  2. I think if you start typing before the folder change happens, it changes the previous folder (or maybe a temporary "empty" file display). There isn't a way around that other than to wait for the folder to load before you start typing.

  3. I think this can do that:

Or you could use Tools > Find Files > Advanced and enter the names into separate Name clauses (or into one big name clause as (a|b|c...) if it's easier. The latter also works with the Filter Bar.