Find-as-you-type Field (FAYT) questions

I find the DOPUS11 changes to FAYT to be useful improvements overall, but I miss some of the previous functionality, which now seems to require changes to preferences and thus loss of the new features.

  • Is there a way to toggle between "search anywhere in the filename" option being on/off? This setting is in preferences, but I want to find files in either mode on-the-fly. e.g. a Key in preferences might help, so that it could be typed in the FAYT field?

  • Using "search anywhere in the filename" option the help says that priority is still given to filenames that match at the beginning. It does not seem to work quite that way for me. Can this be changed to priority at the actual start of the filename (not just near the start)?
    eg in a list of 3k files, and I type "the", this file is highlighted first because its alphabetically first in the list:
    Tears of the Sun (2003)_121 min_Action Drama Thriller_Rate6.5_Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser.jpg
    rather than this:
    The tears of the Sun (2003)_121 min_Action Drama Thriller_Rate6.5_Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser.jpg
    I would like to be able to give preference to finding search hits at the start of the file name rather than the middle. Specifically, I want to navigate to the part of the file list where all the files start with "the" rather than a file with that work included. Of course I can turn it off in preferences to temporarily fix the problem, but I want to do this while staying inside the "search anywhere in the filename" mode.

  • If I start typing a find while the current focus in the file list is already BELOW the first appearance of that search string (eg I start at the bottom of the file list), how can I get the display to show the first appearance of matching files (in the current file sort, which for me is typically alphabetical). It works fine if "search anywhere in the filename" is disabled. Can this work when its enabled? (I have "Minimize scroll" disabled, but this seems to have no impact on this issue).

  • "Enable all cursor keys" option in preferences. Can this be changed so that ONLY the Left/Right cursor keys are used in the FAYT field, while the Up/Down, Home and End are passed through to the file display? This would be much more useful for correcting typos than having to deploy the mouse to fix a find typo.

  • In find mode, with a work like "Action" highlighted in Yellow, is it possible to use the scroll bar on the file display window without turning off file search mode? With long lists, the only way to find a file I want (about 50 have this word in their names) is to scroll the mouse in the window, but when I hit the scroll bar on the right of the pane, I lose all the find results..

I do realise that some of these features are available from the other search bar at the top, but I dont like that for my task as there is a significant lag phase and there are no colours highlighted (a new feature that I love!). Also, most importantly, that box does not seem to work well or the same way in all modes (eg Libraries combined with flatview).. Also, I do know that some of my requests can be done with the Filter bar. Again though, there is no yellow highlighting of the phrase. My questions above are only about the FAYT feature..which is much quicker and auto-"disappears" after use.

In the filter mode (by pressing *) Left/Right and Pos1/End are catched by the field and only Up/Down are forwarded to the list. I think it would be nice to align both features to be more consistent.