Find as you type in search box

Find as you type is inactive when the search being typed is already saved. I get it that it makes it easier to find a previous search. There is a learning curve though If one is used to typing and watching the file list change with each character. I thought it was broke to start. Any reason both could not be active.

Just an observation.

Not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?

I think they mean like Everything (for Opus can now use it) to show search results directly while typing (each character) instead of afterwards.

It would be a nice option to have, for I do still use Everything separately at times for that feature alone.

It should do that, just with a small delay to let you finish typing.

That's how the search field and find-as-you-type both work when using Everything, at least.

Lets say I type directory in the search box, the search is saved. For any subsequent search for directory the search does not start until the y is entered. If I stop anywhere short of the y no search is executed, it just sits there. I can arrow down to directory and hit enter. If I complete typing directory the search executes, with the y. Happens with Windows and Everything global searches. First one is find as type, second one not so much.

I use Everything like I use the Opus (Quick) Filter Bar, there being no delay. I tend to change one character in the field (Backspace + other character) to instantly check on other files.

It'd be great to be able to do that with the Opus Everything search also without any delay.

Here is a video of what I am seeing.

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Thanks for the video! We'll improve this in the next update.


You are welcome.

Just installed 13.1.2 Beta. Thanks for the fix.

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