Find date in filename and relocate it to end of filename

I have multiple filenames with dates in different formats - see forum below for example.

Need some help creating a regex to relocate the date within a filename to the end of then file. Depending on the file, the dates are in random locations within the filename string

Which date formats?

What has changed since the previous thread which looks like it was solved?

Previous thread allowed me to manipulate the filename date to output in YYYY-MM-DD. That works perfectly.

Now im trying to add or create a new regex to relocate that date to the end of the filename. Meaning if the date is at the start or middle of the filename it will move to the end

Mode: Regular Expressions
Old name: ^(.*\s)?(\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d)\s+(.*)$
New name: \1\3 \2
:white_check_mark: Ignore extension