Find does not find all files

I'm making a simple search - find all Word documents that contain Dell Account as part of the title. I'm only searching the Documents folder. Dopus found one file. I also searched using Zabkat xplorer2 finding two documents. I looked for the files using DOpus, and there are two.

I have had this issue before, but this is a simple example. Zabkat xplorer2 ( )is another file manager, but I find DOpus easier to use.

I'll try to expand the Find criteria



You have turned off "search inside subfolders", so it isn't finding the second file which is in a sub-folder. Turn it back on.

How do I make that change?

Your screenshots show a checkbox called "search inside subfolders". Click on it to toggle it back on. (You must have clicked on it at least once in the past for it to be off now.)