"Find Duplicate Files" doesn't check symbolic links

I am trying to run a Duplicate File check on a folder. Some files are actually there under certain folders, and others are a list of symbolic links to files in another drive. The links point to the individual files, themselves, not a folder.

When running duplicate files check, the files that are linked do not get counted. If I copy them out to a subfolder so they actually exist in the source, they are then counted as duplicates of other files in the folder (not the links, still).

I don't know what kind of links they are as they were made by another program. The properties panel lists them as filetype ".symlink (.jpg)" with attributes AL. (so, archived and linked)

Is this supposed to be possible? If not, would it be possible to have it follow symlinks for the dupe check?

We have plans to make it optional whether links are included or not when searching for duplicates. Some people feel strongly one way and others the other.

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