Find, exclude directories, multiple file types

I admit you can do anything with the file and folder finder however it is too complicated. Along the top left of the panel are some buttons starting with "find in". Why not add a button called "exclude"? I have large directory I need to exclude in most cases and it is cumbersome to use Advanced because the syntax is not intuitive.

Also, I seem to remember that I created a search that strung together several file types that I could find/delete as one. Something like: .tmp;.bak;junk*.* rather than do it with OR statements in the advanced tab. Can you refresh me on this?

Thanks, Ted

*.(tmp|bak) would match both *.tmp and *.bak

(*.(tmp|bak)|junk*.*) would match those and junk*.*

(*.tmp|*.bak|junk*.*) is the same but might be easier to edit and understand if you're mixing things that are extensions with things that aren't like in this example.