'find existing' is opening new tab

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I'm trying to set up a system-wide hotkey to open a tab - if the tab is already open I want to switch to it rather than opening a new one.

This is what I've been trying, but it's been opening a new tab:
Go "C:\Users\George\Desktop" NEWTAB=findinexisting

Also - I noticed if 'system-wide-hotkey' is unselected, when I try to change the hotkey, the default behaviour occurs - win-d will take me to my actual desktop for example.

Add EXISTINGLISTER to the command:

Go "C:\Users\George\Desktop" EXISTINGLISTER NEWTAB=findexisting

(Edit: Fixed as per next reply.)

Docs on the EXISTINGLISTER argument:

If the specified folder is already open in an existing lister (including inactive folder tabs in other windows) then the command will activate that lister and the appropriate tab within it and do nothing else. If another window is found then the rest of the command's arguments are ignored. If the specified path is not already open in another window then the command continues as if the EXISTINGLISTER argument had not been given.

I believe this should be:

Go "C:\Users\George\Desktop" NEWTAB=findexisting

Unless findinexisting is a new argument?

(I'll upgrade tomorrow)

Well spotted, and correct. I didn't see that.

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Thank you both!

And is there an argument akin to 'DEFAULTLISTOR' that will open the new tab with the default lister instead of a brand new one (if there is no running lister)?

(not quite sure whether it would've been best to make a separate post or not?)

Try this:

Go "C:\Users\George\Desktop" EXISTINGLISTER NEWTAB=deflister,findexisting