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Find Files - Case sensitive with Russian unless wildcards on


I have 6 test files: three of them named in English and three in Russian. Each of them begins with same letters in different cases:

Let’s found them via Ctrl+F (Find Panel).

If I find by abc substringstring, Dopus works well (found all three files in different cases: Abc_EN (1).txt, abc_EN (2).txt, aBC_EN (3).txt):

If I find by абв substring, Dopus found one file абв_RU (2).txt only (like Case Sensitive Option is on):

Same for ‘Абв’ substring (results Абв_RU (1).txt only) and for ‘аБВ’ substring (results аБВ_RU (3).txt only).

Moreover, if I find Russian АБВ substring in upper case DOpus found nothing…

Directory Opus 12.19.4 (beta) x64 Build 7335.

I'm not sure why yet, but if you turn the Wildcards option on it seems to work OK (at least in an English locale):

With Wildcards option on it works well for Russian locale too.

However, this is incorrect behavior. Please thoroughly consider this problem.

Thanks for the report, we'll fix this in the next update.

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