Find Files - Don't display duplicate links to a file?

I have a library of documents in pdf format.
I have a folder structure for subjects.
If I want the same document to appear in multiple folders then I use links rather than copies.
When I perform a search for 'junctions and links' then I would prefer for only one link-name to be displayed, ideally with an adjacent count of how many identical links have been found.
Possibly, this could be expanded (to display associated folder names) and collapsed (to suite my purpose)
This would permit a count of files that have associated links.
Is this currently possible?

I don't think there's any easy way to do that.

With scripting (Pro only) you could post-process the results list to remove the extra items, or even (a lot more complicated) have a script which does the whole find for you, but there's no built-in way to make Find ignore a file if another file with the same name has already been matched, since whether or not a file matches is based on the properties of that file rather than the other items matched so far.