Find files no results with case-sensitive drive

I have trouble finding c source files. This is the find I use:

In the folder systemd-master/src there are c source files but the result screen stays empty.
I moved the folder to FAT device and the same search works fine.

Also find . -type f -name *.c in cygwin works.

The folder is CaseSensitiveInfo enabled.
$ fsutil file queryCaseSensitiveInfo .
Case sensitive attribute on directory D:\PROJEKTEN\systemd-master\src is enabled.

Haven't had a chance to investigate/confirm that it is the case-sensitive option, but as a general note, it isn't supported at the moment, and turning it on is not a good idea.

Microsoft recently threw this option into Windows as part of their still-changing and latest attempt to make Windows and Linux play better together, but they've added it after 30 years of all Windows software assuming that filesystems (other than things like FTP sites) are case-insensitive. Turning it on is going to confuse the vast majority of Windows software.

Both DO and this new Windows-feature are very useful. Do you have any plans to support the case-sensitive behavior of Windows? I'm working with a GIT repo where "somebody" added case-sensitive files so this Win2004-feature saved my day. Example:;; foo.Bar.