Find Files not working

Not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong, but the Find Files tool isn't working when I search with a wildcard, like *.PDF. I search a directory where there are dozens of PDF files and the search concludes with no listed files. I checked and unchecked the 'wildcards' box and it makes no difference. Any ideas what's going on here?

Usually when people think Find Files isn't working it's because the "search subfolders" option is off.

If it's not that, please show a screenshot of the dialog so we can see how it's configured.

Oddly, the Search Subfolders WAS checked.

However, while staring at all those options in the Find box, I saw Reset, clicked it and then did my search again. Voila! - which is French for Yikes! It now works.... I had looked at all the options in Find before resetting this and didn't see anything obviously wrong, but hitting the Reset did it.

Thanks for the support - I use your application every single day and couldn't imagine not having it. You guys are the best.

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