Find Function Path Argument

Most of the time, I use a classic two pane configuration, with folders on the left and files on the right. When I click on a folder that has subfolders, of course those subfolders are shown on the right. I have added a Find context menu command for folders. So, when I right click on a folder on the right, I would like for it to search in that folder. I have not been able to get that to work. What should I enter for the command to accomplish this? I'd like for it to work whether I click the folder on the left or the right. So far, I have only been able to get the parent folder of the one I have selected. Thank you.

Try Find IN {F}. Using the "big" {F} control code allows you to select 'multiple' folders and search through all of them in a single Find operation.

Find in {F} NAME {dlgstring|search for:} QUIET SHOWRESULTS=output 

Perfect! Thank you very much. That did the trick.

Just a quick follow-up to this since it is very related. Do you know how to get it to show when you right click on an actual drive? I added it to the drive file type, but it does not show, and if I pick the Find command I added to the Edit menu with the Drive selected, nothing happens.

Hmmm... so I have what I "believe" is part of WinXP registry by default, which is a Search... context menu item that appears upon right mouse-click on a drive.

It's coming from a shell find verb defined under the Drive HKCR registry key - defined as follows:

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="[FindFolder("%l", %I)]"


Now... to be honest - I though that I had at one time done something myself to get Drive searches to use Opus find dialog, but I can't recall the details, and I'm not exactly sure why this DDE message to Explorer.exe seems to be invoking the Opus Find dialog. But it does...

Perhaps it has to do with setting Opus to replace Explorer, and handle "Folders"...? What version of Windows are you running?